How much do The Prototypes cost?

The Prototypes don't have a set price; it depends on your event. The best thing to do is contact us with as much of the following information as possible in order for us to give you an accurate, no obligation quote.

  • Location of your event.
  • How long you will require the band to be on site for (from the time you want us set up, to the time we will be allowed to pack down. )
  • How long you want the band to play for.
  • What band/combination of bands you are interested in booking.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in London but can travel easily, and are happy to travel anywhere in the world!

Will the band have a PA system or any lighting?

We will provide our own PA sound system and lights suitable for an audience up to 350 people. For larger events than this there will be an additional hire charge.

How much space does the band require?

Ideally, the best stage  area or space for us to perform is 6m x 4m. Obviously the bigger the better, however we are aware that it can be difficult to provide this sort of space, and squeezing into smaller spaces is not a problem.

How long do you normally play for?

Usually, we play 2 x 50 minute sets. However, if you prefer, it is possible to split this into 3 x 40 minute sets. Two 50 minute sets are the most common. If you require alternative set times, or more than 2 hours of live music we are happy to do that too.

Can I request a song for our first dance?

Yes this isn't a problem, providing you give us sufficient notice. If you wish to request additional songs that are not on our repertoire list then we will try our best to accommodate you.

How long do you need to set up?

Ideally we need 90 minutes to load in, set up and thoroughly sound check to get the best sound for the room. However, if you are pushed for time, we can reduce this to up to one hour. Please bear in mind the longer we have to set up and sound check the better the overall performance will be, as we can iron out any sound issues before we start.

Will we need to hire a DJ?

We provide music before, after and in between sets through our sound system, saving you the cost of a DJ. Most people find that they do not require a DJ as well as a band.

We have a small space. Does this mean we should book a small band?

We have found from past experiences that the size of the room bears no resemblance to the size of the band. The band will always play to the room, ensuring that we are not too loud or too quiet. To get the full Prototypes experience we recommend that you book the complete 9-piece band.

Is a deposit required to book The Prototypes?

We take one third of the agreed fee up front as a holding deposit.

Do I need to provide food for the band?

There is a good chance that we will have travelled a long way to get to your gig, and may not have had time to stop for food. On top of this it is likely that we will have been on site for 2 hours loading in and sound checking. It is difficult to provide an energetic performance on empty stomachs! For this reason we ask you to provide a hot meal for the band.